• Simplify the HLBV Process

    Instead of creating and maintaining large, complex spreadsheets with a multitude of formulae, you can work within an application that is based on rules and input parameters. The rules define the formulas that will be used in the HLBV calculations, while the calculations are governed by the input parameters (which originated with the LLC Agreement from the initial transaction).

  • Consistency Across Your Portfolio

    Instead of having multiple spreadsheets across your portfolio that may have inconsistent formulas, HLBV Pro will use the same formulas based on the rules and parameters of each deal. This will help to ensure the integrity of your calculations across your entire portfolio of transactions.

  • Secure Environment

    HLBV Pro will provide you with an audit trail of any changes to your inputs. The application will allow changes to be made based on a user’s privileges. The user will need to make the change and input an explanation for the change. Once these changes are made, they need approved by the appropriate individual. This will help eliminate undocumented changes and provide an audit trail for your outside auditors to follow, with appropriate documentation and approvals.

The benefits of HLBV Pro are numerous, especially when faced with all of the inherent risks of spreadsheet accounting. Save time, money and increase output reliability today.

  • Advanced data analytic capabilities mean that HLBV Pro can produce vizualizations that will change the way you present.

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  • Audit trails and User accounts make tracking and ensuring security of calculations and data a breeze.

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  • User-friendly interface featuring drop down menus, easy input boxes and straightforward modeling options.

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  • Flexibility is key – HLBV Pro enables users to input and model deals with dozens of different parameters.

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