• Time sensitive statistical forecasting methods

  • Key Performance Indicators Analysis Report

  • Real-time physical data used

  • Underwriter’s Comparison Report

The outlook for renewable energy is very promising. The trend of traditional investors and non-traditional investors entering the market for renewable energy projects has created a need for a software solution that provides the ability to produce a financial forecast. At Wability, our focus has been to develop a forecasting model that incorporates the key drivers of power generation.
Our solution, HLBV Pro, meets the need for an accurate, time sensitive financial forecast that provides an in-depth analysis into the financial projections for a renewable energy project or portfolio. We utilize complex statistical methods along with both historical and current data to produce increasingly concise forecasts that adapt to historical trends and take into account the dynamic drivers of power generation.

Key Features

  • Time sensitive statistical forecasting methods
  • Real-time physical data used
  • Clear and concise data visualization through Tableau
  • Short and Long-term Forecasts
  • Underwriter’s Comparison Report
  • Key Performance Indicators Analysis Report

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